Commission guidelines

  • All prices listed are for personal use only and NON commercial use. Please email me to discuss commercial rates.
  • Payment will be done via PayPal only, and must be made upfront.
  • Shipping costs for original drawings are not included in the price.
  • I retain all rights to post/use commission artwork unless otherwise discussed.
  • I won’t provide any refund if I have already started the commission.
  • I may reject orders I believe out of my range of ability.


To ask for a commission, please send me an email (see below) with the following elements:

  • Commission type
  • Visual or written references
  • Extra info - pose, traits, etc.

Feel free to ask me if you’re ever unsure about anything! I’ll try my best to help you out.

I'm also available through Instagram DMs or discord: Hannrum

Commission status: OPEN!


Basic render

Headshot 15€

Halfbody 25€

Fullbody 35€

Fully rendered

Headshot 25€

Halfbody 40€

Fullbody 55€

All prices are in Euros

Mermaid designs

Simply shaded 25€

Fully shaded 45€

All commission's include a free simple background

Detailed backgrounds are 20-30€

Animating drawing is + 60%

     Minimum price for added animation is €40


Always tell upfront. I will charge more if notified later

Custom magazine

  • Includes: custom magazine theme and text of your choice
  • 2 full bodies
  • 1 half body
  • 3 chibis



SEMI nudity (waist up)

Gore (heavy kind)
Full nudity (hips-down)
Hateful art: (homophobia, transphobia, fetishes etc.)

Payed upfront, unless it is a big piece (then after approved sketch)
Payment will be done via PayPal only