Custom keychain (complete)

€20.00 €15.00

add reference pictures for the character charms and accessoires (make sure they are a good clear reference) and describe or add a reference for the additional charms that will be added to the beaded chain

feel free to add anything you'd like to be included here. (e.g. poses, color scheme e.t.c.) don't forget to add a way for me to contact you! (most preferably a discord tag or instagram username!)

Your own OC as a keychain!

pick your own character or a character you are a fan of,

and 4 small additional charms!


Every handmade keychain contains:


  • 1- big character charm
  • 2- smaller accessoire charms
  • 2- small filler charms
  • +free grattitude goodies by every order

an accessoire charm can be replaced by an additional character charm for 5€

charms are all one sided!


Shipping costs

shipping costs is €5 for Europe and €10 outside Europe

shipping the package is 4-10 workdays and includes a track and trace link